Upcoming Fixtures

Sun 26th Jun v Warwickshire Ladies(Walker Cup) (WBA) (H) Ladies 2R/W
Sun 26th Jun v G B Britton (A) Men 3.00pm 5R/W
Tue 28th Jun v Olveston & District (N2fours) (A) Men 6.00pm 2R/G
Tue 28th Jun v Tewkesbury (LGL) (A) Ladies 6.15pm 2R/G
Wed 29th Jun v Dowty (Staverton) (A) MWXT 2.00pm 5T/G
Wed 29th Jun v Sir Thomas Richs (Interclub) (H&A) Ladies 6.00pm 2R/G
Thu 30th Jun v EDF Energy Barnwood (GL) (H) Mixed 6.30pm 5R/G
Sat 2nd Jul v Wootton Bassett (A) Men 3.00pm 6R/W
Sun 3rd Jul v County U25s Finals () /
Sun 3rd Jul v Bristol Greenbank (A) Men 3.00pm 6R/W
Tue 5th Jul v Gloucester Spa (LGL) (H) Ladies 6.15pm 2R+1/G
Wed 6th Jul v Sir Thomas Richs (H) MWXT 2.00pm 5T/G
Thu 7th Jul v Caer Glow (GL) (A) Mixed 6.30pm 5R/G
Sat 9th Jul v Churchdown (A) Mixed 2.30pm 6R/W
Sun 10th Jul v Fosseway (H) Mixed 2.30pm 6R/W Biannual
Mon 11th Jul v Gloucester Spa (H) MWXT 2.00pm 5T/G
Tue 12th Jul v Caer Glow (LGL) (A) Ladies 6.15pm 2R/G
Wed 13th Jul v Sir Thomas Richs (H) Ladies 2.30pm 3T/W
Thu 14th Jul v Gloucester Co-op (GL) (A) Mixed 6.30pm 5R/G
Fri 15th Jul v Royston BC Tourist Hertfordshire (H) Mixed 2.00pm 5R/W
Sat 16th Jul v Littleton (H) Mixed 2.30pm 5R/W
Sun 17th Jul v R&M Taylor Pairs (H) Club 2.30pm 6R/G

About Barnwood BC & Gloucester

The fact that Barnwood Bowling Club entertains several touring sides each season reflects the Club's hospitality and the standard of its green which is described as "the best in Gloucestershire" and beyond. Now, the club can proudly boast of superb facilities with ample parking for cars and coaches. The green has been used for Gloucestershire’s Middleton Cup matches and. in 2012, a Middleton Cup Quarter Final and also for other County games and has pleasant surrounds which include flower beds and patio areas with tables and seating.
The club is close to Gloucester City Centre and is a good central location for touring the local area. Non bowling members of touring parties can visit the shops in the City Centre with its pedestrianised areas or the retail outlet at Gloucester Quays
If shopping is not to your liking there are visits to the city's restaurants, Folk Museum, City Museum and Art Gallery, Beatrix Potter's Tailor of Gloucester Official Museum and Shop, the historic Docks with its tall ships and the National Waterways Musem or Gloucester Cathedral and then there is the beautiful Cotswolds.
You can find our Club at 119 Barnwood Road opposite Grove Crescent.
We would be pleased to see you and can assure you of a warm and friendly welcome.
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Club News
DEVON v OXFORDSHIRE Middleton Cup Quarter Final Sat 28th July 2012


Gloucestershire Ladies v Worcestershire Ladies W B A 26th May 2016.

Clubs Gala Day. Monday 2nd May 2016.

Opening of the Green by President Joyce Ferson Saturday 16th April 2016.

Clubs Ladies Thank You Dinner; Friday 15th January 2016.

Club Christmas Draw Friday 11th December 2015.

Club A G M Thursday 12th November 2015.